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Violation Procedures
The Property Owners Association is empowered to enforce the covenants, conditions and restrictions of the Amended Master Declaration, Bylaws and any rules and regulations of the community (collectively, the “Restrictions”).

Following is the process the POA follows for violation notices:
  • New violation – A courtesy notice is sent out in the form of a “friendly reminder”.  This notice will state the violation(s) and ask that the violation be resolved in a timely manner.
  • Repeat violation – If the violation is not cured within two weeks, a Pre-Fine notice is mailed, both by 1st class and Certified mail.  This notice will state the violation, reference the Rule in violation, give you a specified amount of time to cure and notify you of your right to a hearing before the Board of Directors.
  • Continued violations – If the violation is still not cured, then the next step will be the fining process.  The same guidelines will be followed above, with the addition of the stated fine.  These fines and letters will continue until the violation is resolved.
Violation Hearing – An owner may request a hearing before the Board to contest fines.  Request for hearing must be in writing to the Association Manager within 30 days after the date of the violation notice.

Schedule of Fines:
  • 1st notice – Courtesy Notice
  • 2nd notice - Chapter 209, Pre-Fine Notice
  • 3rd notice can result in a $50 fine and can be assessed per occurrence (in some instances this is daily)