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Download Amended Bylaws - The Hills POA
Download Amended Master Deed Restrictions

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The Oak Wilt Information Partnership

Governing Documents
Revised Architectural Rule Book
Download Revised Architectural Rule Book
Download Reserve Policy Recorded.pdf
Download Operating Funds Investment Policy Recorded.pdf
Download Investment Policy Recorded.pdf
Download Barrier Arm and Gate Damage Policy Recorded.pdf
Amended Bylaws
Download 1st Amendment to Bylaws
QuickPass Starting Instructions
Download QuickPass Quick Start Guide
Download Rules and Regulations
Amended 03/27/18
Download Amended Hills POA Bylaws
Download Articles of Incorporation
AC Submittal Form
Download AC Submittal Form
Download Assessment Collection Procedure
Download Courtesy Policy
Download Records Retention Policy - Adopted 2012
Download Amended Master Declaration - 2004

Download Realtor Information

2020 POA Board of Directors

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